Song Premiere | Die Electric Anus, ‘Spliggity Splat (My Feet Are On Fire)’

It’s a pleasure to introduce the infamous King Khan and his daughters as Die Electric Anus, a brood that delivers a voracious brand of indie punk.  

Their forthcoming record, “Silver Dagger” b/w “Spliggity Splat (My Feet Are On Fire)” 7″, pays tribute to the raw and untamed energy of rock n roll and pays homage to the influential sound of legendary 1970s bands like The Electric Eels. Channeling this spirit into a contemporary masterpiece crafted by the one and only King Khan, as only he can, Die Electric Anus captures the essence of rebellion, experimentalism, and unapologetic expression that defined the era. Additionally, as has become King Khan’s signature, masterfully incorporating elements of garage rock, punk, and avant-garde into the sonic explosion, this is an effort that is sure to transport you back to the underground scene of the ‘70s.

Enjoy a song from the effort here:

Order the record prior to its release on May 24 via Rad Girlfriend Records here.