Song Premiere: Left Vessel, "Please Don't Stop"

There’s no denying that nature can move you emotionally in ways you could ever imagine.  The breathtaking landscapes that surround you are the foundation of beauty.  During a hike in the Angeles National Forest, on the Georges Gap Trail, Los Angeles-based artist Nick Byron Campbell marveled at a massive pine cone that fell at his feet.  At the very moment, Campbell instantly pictured the working order of life with said cone, which is a vessel sent out by a tree and left to create new life.  It also pushed Campbell to begin a new direction within his music; more natural and artistic. Today, Campbell’s project Left Vessel has shared the single “Please Don’t Stop.”  The track prances around in a folksy way, with dreamy sensibilities carrying it to the very end.

Here’s Campbell on the single, “’Please Don’t Start’ started as a joke lyric I would sometimes sing to an ex in a redneck accent (I have family from Kentucky so I’m allowed to do that). The melody and lyric would often get stuck in my head, and eventually, I started to slowly craft a song from it. Then as that relationship took a turn and ended in divorce, the song adopted a heavier meaning. I kept tinkering with it, recording it over and over in different styles and tones, but it never quite felt right. Then it again took on changed meaning as a beautiful new relationship entered my life that ultimately led to the birth of my child and marriage. It was in this latest era I finally found the way this song was meant to be presented. No song has taken me this long to finish. I often like to get an idea out and be done with it as quickly as possible. In this instance it felt like the song had to take it’s time, beginning as a ridiculous joke made years ago during a New England snowstorm blackout, and ending as a recording in sunny Los Angeles as an earnest show of vulnerability. My hope is that the final recording contains all of that history within it for the listener to experience.”

“Please Don’t Stop” was created with the help of The War On Drugs’ Adam Granduciel, whose studio and guitars were used to flesh out the recording.

Left Vessel will be performing a single release show on August 23 at Hey Hey in Los Angeles.