Song Premiere: Butter, "Nicotine"

Hailing from the picturesque Portland, Oregon, the trio Butter merges infectious energy of neo-disco, indie rock, and a dash of modern hip hop.  Having created this unique sonic force, the band has built an extensive fan base that stretches all throughout the West Coast and surrounding states. 

Today, Butter has released their latest single coming off their upcoming EP with the same name “Nicotine.”  Opening with a guitar hook over a sampled drum loop, “Nicotine” blossoms into a bouncy full band arrangement before the chorus hits. Continuing through washy synth stabs and submerged guitar leads, the song marks an expansion into true pop territory for the group.

“Stepping out for a smoke is the perfect excuse to get away from a weird conversation at a party or a brutal day at work,” says vocalist/guitarist Aaron Schmidt. “The song is about using that moment to give in to your vice for sure, but also to tell yourself it’s all going to be ok”.