Song Premiere | Chaepter, “Year Of Plenty”

Chaepter Negro is an independent musician, songwriter, and producer living in Chicago. He began songwriting and sharing music since age fourteen and he’s been releasing music under different monikers and bands ever since. While there’s an overall R&B sound to Chaepter’s music, he pulls from different influences for each project.

Growing up in Central Illinois, he moved to Chicago after college to pursue music in 2019 and began using his first name as his stage name. A self-described “Midwest Gothic,” he wrote, recorded, and mxied his upcoming debut album Kicking The Cat entirely by himself. The album meditates on being alone, familial trauma, and religious decay. The album’s first single “Ritual” captures both the album’s sound and message well: lush synth melodies and warm vocals showcase Chaepter’s brand of experimental, bedroom R&B while examining the aesthetic of his Catholic upbringing.

Today, Chaepter shares one of the singles off Kicking The Cat titled “Year Of Plenty.”

“I was in a bit of a low/transitional phase after dropping my full-length this past October, and wasn’t making a lot of things, but ;Year of Plenty’ is sort of me coming up for some air,” said Chaepter. When I was writing this song, I was thinking a lot about the people, places and things that move me and inspire me to make things, and how unpredictable and strange that can be in this day and age. We have all these windows into other worlds, feelings and ideas, it feels almost like a biblical kind of omnipresence amongst one another sometimes.

I also wanted to write something that I could add some cello to. Strings weren’t in the palette of my last record, and I don’t think they’re going to be on the next one either, but for right now, it’s nice to be making songs that aren’t tied to something larger and can just reflect my current headspace.”