Song Premiere | Bovian, “Sick Optimist”

For Seattle, WA synth-pop artist Bovian, Sick Optimist is a testament to the human spirit.  With resolution to personal trauma seemingly at times may never be complete, we must understand that we have to continue moving forward.  Create something meaningful with the trauma, Bovian declares.  Today Bovian drops the title track of his forthcoming EP (slated for release May 6th). 

“Sick optimism” is my version of “keep calm and carry on”. Despite all of life’s challenges and my personal trauma, I’ve always (for better or for worse) been able to keep moving forward. There is no resolve at the end of the song because there is no resolve to trauma. A person just learns to live with it, and if they’re lucky, harness that trauma to create something meaningful,” says Bovian.

Bovian is on a journey to fulfill the promise he made to his dying soulmate and closest friend, Chris; to share his passion for music with the world. After two decades of writing songs and playing music as a private, personal hobby, Bovian released his debut extended play album Dom Bovian on the one-year anniversary of Chris’s death in August 2020.

The album was named in honor of Chris “Dom” (pronounced: “dome”) – the Polish word for home, and “Bovian”, the nickname that he and partner Chris called each other. Each song on the record captures a snapshot of Bovian’s raw emotional journey through the grieving process, balanced by unique and often comforting sounds.

Bovian’s newest release, Sick Optimist, was produced and performed by Bovian and Amit Amram of Amit Sounds Studio. “This record is my love letter to the bereaved” says Bovian. “At a time when so many are grieving their own personal losses, I wanted to give the world a musical vernacular to explore grief in a non-traditional and more accessible way.” Greif is an emotional of a million shades, and with Sick Optimist Bovian has shown us that it can, on occasion, shine brightly.

Photo Courtesy: Drew Jensen