Song Premiere | Blanket Fort, “Gosh Only Knows (Pt 2)”

Split releases are a fun animal to try to get your head around. On one hand, you have the work from multiple artists colliding together to create something beautiful. On the other hand, you have multiple artists’ ideas to mold into a digestible and complementary piece.

In mid-2021, four friends decided to work together to put out a split as a tribute to Koko’s kitten “All Ball.” Seeing release via Friend Club Records and Knifepunch Records on December 3, 2021, “All Ball” combines Blanket Fort, buggin, Sam Nazz, and Stand & Wave’s songs together in a way that creates synergies from contributions offered from different corners of the east coast.

The first track from this split is Blanket Fort’s “Gosh Only Knows (Pt 2)”. Blanket Fort is the solo project of Brett Green (ex-Mineral Girls). Brett’s based in Charlotte, North Carolina and combats the drudgery of working in a factory with a deliciously offbeat sense of humor.

This track is a Kenny G-inspired synth-pop jam the should have been the soundtrack to your summer, but because of delays in getting this release out will be the top-down winter jam of 2022. Imagine cruising on the beach on a post-apocalyptic winter’s day and you’ve got “Gosh Only Knows (Pt 2).” Check it out here.