Album Stream | Blanket Fort, Rejoice!

Blanket Fort (ex-Mineral Girls, Group Text) is set to release Rejoice! for Friend Club Records tomorrow, March 10. Order it here.

Rejoice! is an album of animal electricity, offering the spastic, poetic crunch of The Microphones and early Akron/Family and the bare bones truthitudes of Barr’s underrated and CLASSIQUE 2007 Summary and the open-arcaneness of Joan of Arc. It’s wise enough to keep any melodrama fully in check and smart enough to let itself go dummy now and again.

According to Blanket Fort, aka Brett Green, says it’s album about being in a rare moment of joy to be alive.

“After the loss of [my] mother, a several day stint in the hospital due to stroke, and a run in with the FBI leading to a week in Fulton County jail, the self in-itself screamed at itself that it was time [I] quit [my] job, sit in [my] room, look around, log in to Gmail, and Rejoice!

Simply, we’re rejoicing at the sound of an album that is as quirky as it is mellifluous; as each layer is peeled away another brilliant wave of left-brained sound comes crashing. Get weird with it below.

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Photo courtesy of Blanket Fort