Song Premiere | Blair Borax, ”Fish Out Of Water”

Blair Borax has been prolifically writing lyrically-driven dreamy folk-pop songs to process big feelings, make sense of this strange and beautiful human experience, heal from her hurts, and keep walking forward. She sings songs that will make you think and feel and laugh and cry; that will make you feel a little less alone. 

Today Borax shared her latest single “Fish Out Of Water.”  The simplicity of a beautifully strung acoustic guitar and wispy vocals lead to a splash of catchy instrumentals that sway freely.  Lyrically, Borax looks to escape the clutches of an individual who isn’t what they say they are.  The separation will consequently allow joy and happiness to return.

After releasing her debut EP  everything is light work in May of 2021, Borax plans to release her first full-length album Keep Walking this Spring. She began writing this collection of songs last fall from the comfort of her bedroom to help her move through a heart-wrenching breakup from an unhealthy relationship. This album is her most vulnerable, honest, personal, and powerful yet. These songs will take you on an emotional journey through fear, grief, anger, sadness, and eventually, a sliver of hope.