Song Premiere | Beverly Crushers “Gimmie The Power”

Hailing out of the great Northwest come Beverly Crushers, maneuvering and careening through landscapes without pause or inhibitions. Originally formed back in 2014, the group has remained steady with Cozell Wilson on guitar & vocals, Max Stiles on bass, as well as Sam Stiles on Drums. They’re loud, they’re brash, but the band is unequivocally straightforward in its direction, allowing the melodies to take on a life all their own. Throughout the band’s 8-year existence, it’s released a number of singles and EPs, leading up to the moment at hand where the members are able to capitalize on time utilized for a full-length LP.

The band is set to release the new album, Waste Of Waves (Freakout Records), this August 12th, 2022. Beverly Crushers released the first single, the frenetic “Scab” this past June immediately setting the pace and tone of the album. Now on the cusp of the album’s release, these Crushers follow up with the new single “Gimmie The Power,” offering spiking guitar solos, pummeling rhythms, and a vocal display matching the song’s energy. It’s all magnificently captivating!

Of the song the band offers: “‘Gimmie The Power’ is an anthem that takes many forms. Sometimes it’s a chant for revolution, sometimes it’s a call to the after world asking for unworldly help, but always it’s about Cozell’s irrational fear and obsession with Chucky (the doll from Childs Play).”

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