Song Premiere | Astral Jukebox, ”Mercy”

On the new record from Seattle, Washington’s Astral Jukebox, psychedelic pop melodies get down to a retro-boogaloo shuffle beat, while big-sky guitar explorations stretch to the horizon. Southern-dusted celestial vibrations from the Pacific Northwest, Astral Jukebox melds a deep knowledge of quantum structure of music itself with humble reverence for the Rock&Roll canon to craft a sound that is at very much of the moment yet rings with a timelessness that is captivating.  

Astral Jukebox is the primary creative outlet for songwriter / composer / arranger Brett Heron. He is a musician, vocalist, husband, father, activist, nature lover, and all-around lover of life with a deep-rooted passion for music (and a little mischief.)

Today, Astral Jukebox shares “Mercy,” which will be featured on the upcoming Poems, Thoughts, and Collected Mumblings (out June 3rd).  The single presents an ode to the artist performing at your local dive bar; the smokey ambience, the groups of individuals shooting darts all make way towards Heron pouring his soul onstage.  “Mercy” feels like an old throwback to 80s rock with an emotional spirit that’s phenomenal.

Heron says of the single: “The feeling borne by the soul that can hold no more sorrow.  The pressure of a thousand lifetimes crushing the spirit.  That is the essence of mercy.   This song was written for and dedicated to the suffering, the abandoned, the unacknowledged, the broken.  The world is my inspiration and music my catharsis.  ‘Mercy’ is intentionally sparse until a chorus of the broken joins an ardent refrain.  The resolution reminds us that mercy in any form will only come from ourselves, each other.”  

In 2021 Heron abandoned a career to pursue what, in hindsight, had been his personal avocation all along. Poems, Thoughts, and Collected Mumblings was recorded at London Bridge Studios in Seattle with producers Jonathan Plum (Candlebox), Eric Lliavois (Surfer Blood), and Geoff Ott (Tobias the Owl). In addition to Heron on acoustic guitar and keys, the record features drummer Ben Smith and bassist Andy Stoller of the iconic Heart, and Kathy Moore (Brandi Carlisle) on guitar.

Thematically, Poems, Thoughts, and Collected Mumblings is an earnest reminder that life is fleeting, and we should all strive to live and love to the fullest each day. Heron is rededicating his life to bringing people closer to the music he has loved for so long. As our guide, we will explore the sonic textures that make this world a diverse, beautiful, and exciting adventure waiting to be experienced.