Sharkmuffin Shares New Single "Fate"

There’s something special about New York’s Sharkmuffin and the band’s new single “Fate” is testament to that. They shared the single today, which is off the trio’s new album Gamma Gardening, due out April 5th on Exploding In Sound Records. 

Sharkmuffin has been mixing glam, punk, shoegaze, and indie rock since their debut album, Chartreuse, and have been steadily playing shows and touring ever since. Their last album Tsuki took the band’s songwriting and sense of humor to a new level, swelling with giant guitar riffs and a pounding riot grrrl intensity. Nothing the band has done can compare with Gamma Gardening however, a sci-fi concept album that starts with a space dominatrix and ends with the fears of artificially modified baby genetics gone horribly wrong. It’s another world altogether, and their music reflects it. 

Speaking about the track, Tarra Thiessen (guitar/vocals) shared:

“I wrote the demo for this song in my boyfriend’s bedroom in the morning when he was at work. It was originally loosely based on the end of my last relationship that was dramatic and somewhat emotionally abusive in relation to the idea of the multiverse/quantum theory as I understood it from a bunch of YouTube videos- how when you make a decision the reality is split into two, one with the reality you’re experiencing and one reality of the opposite result. Then I rewrote the lyrics for some parts to fit the sci fi theme of the EP from the child’s perspective and how they feel when they find out their parents messed with fate in their decision to code his genes in specific ways.”