Seratones Share New Single ”Two of a Kind”

Seratones recently announced their latest album Love & Algorhythms, out on April 29th via New West Records (pre-order here). Today, the Shreveport, Louisiana-based band, fronted by the gospel-trained powerhouse frontwoman and activist A.J. Haynes, share new single “Two of a Kind.” The song contemplates how queerness blooms beyond binaries and borders, and is highlighted by drummer Jesse Gabriel’s scorched disco beat riding through clouds of red dust. The song follows previously released tracks “Good Day” and “Dark Matter.”

Of “Two of a Kind,” Haynes notes: 

“The lyric “both of your eyes” refers to the spiritual eye and the material field of vision, both gazing toward the cosmos for signs to guide the human journey on planet Earth. The rest of the lyrics came to me after a beloved friend shared with me their pansexual identity, an identity with which still they seem to struggle. This vulnerability, this invitation into a trusted space helped me truly reflect and interrogate my own wants, needs, and desires, thereby realizing and actualizing my own queerness. Living my truth, and holding them in love, honors our collective humanity.

James Baldwin, who I cherish as queer divine ancestor, says that “Love is where you find it–you don’t know where it will carry you.” In the face of institutions that would rather he not exist beyond their violently restrictive white imaginations, he dared to love himself and protect his peace. The song ends in dancing ecstasy, mirroring how James Baldwin taught me to love freely, tenderly, and without apology.”

Love & Algorhythms follows Seratones’ breakout debut and sophomore records, which found the band performing on CBS Saturday Morning, NPR Music’s Tiny Desk, and more. Now, three years later, Seratones dive into the joyful struggle to find pleasure in a world designed to destroy you on Love & Algorhythms, which was produced by Paul Butler at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas. With themes ranging from Black feminism, Afrofuturism, astrology, and the challenges rooted in Haynes’ work as a counselor in one of Louisiana’s last-standing abortion clinics, Haynes says, “This is a protest album built on the form of protest I’m most interested in at this moment: getting present and sitting through difficult things with abundant joy.” Throughout the record Haynes & co. explore the many different paths towards revolution—the kind of complex, disruptive, personal revolutions that can open transformative portals to a better future.

Photo Courtesy: Joshua Asante