Ron Gallo Announces Book & Concert Film

Ron Gallo is a prolific creator who uses his artistic pursuits to comment on political, social and environmental issues with the hope of driving change while finding a way to laugh at the absurdity of it all. He has now announced his SOCIAL METEOR book, a companion piece to his latest album FOREGROUND MUSIC out now on Kill Rock Stars. Unfiltered, often with a sense of humor and a strong sense of introspection and isolation (hence the title), the 106-page collection is Gallo’s debut literary pursuit. It features journal entries, rants, essays, local reviews, interactive sections, graphics and other random nonsense, offering fans a deeper look into the thoughts and mindsets that ultimately became the album. With a tongue-in-cheek eye to the country’s capitalistic agenda, the book will be released on April 18 aka U.S. Tax Day.

Earlier this month, Gallo brought his electrifying garage-punk swagger to incredible crowds at SXSW and earned critical acclaim. His spring tour kicks off a spring tour next week in Boston. Fans around the world are invited to celebrate the release of SOCIAL METEOR on April 18 with a special rooftop concert film livestream and book reading event that evening. The film captures Gallo’s electrifying performance as he performs his new FOREGROUND MUSIC LP in full. Details on event timing and the link to join are coming soon.

With his new album, Gallo screams at the developers turning neighborhoods into unremarkable AirBnB advertisements, corporate overlords deciding how much music costs, and extremists hellbent on bringing forth an apocalypse of racial and civil destruction. Despite the chaos, Gallo infuses the album with a joyful charm, one that comes from a sincere place of love for people and protecting the things we hold sacred. Love between Gallo and his listeners, between Gallo and the strum of a guitar, between Gallo and the world. By the end of FOREGROUND MUSIC, Ron Gallo makes a staggering and life-affirming conclusion: “The world is completely fucked, but the universe is inside you.”

Photo Courtesy: Roger Ho