Mightmare “Killer Killer”

Indie-rock group Mightmare releases their new single“Killer Killer,” the band’s second release since their 2022 Kill Rock Stars debut Cruel Liars. Written and produced by bandleader River Shook, “Killer Killer” sets fire to the darkest parts of ourselves with a moody, driving beat and grungy electric guitars. 

“There’s this thing that exists in all of us to varying degrees. It wants to police other people, what they say, how they dress, who their friends are, where they go,” explains Shook. “It’s the same thing that wants to see someone pulled over when they cut us off in traffic, or be punished in some way when they do something we don’t like or we disagree with. It’s your inner cop and you can’t just kill it once, you have to kill it every day.”