Rituals Of Mine Share Cover of 1950s Song, "I'll Always Be In Love With You."

The Los Angeles-based electronic Rituals of Mine share a dreamy, soulful cover of the 1950s hit “I’ll Always Be In Love With You.” Of the song, singer Terra Lopez said, “I’ve always personally loved this song – the Titus Turner version is so passionate, so sad and striking. I’m a big fan of 50’s songs because they are so simple and straightforward in a way yet so emotive and full of yearning and longing that stay with you. Our producer Wes Jones and I wanted to put our own spin on this and turn it into an electronic ballad. I think we created this in a day, in one session- it was a fast turnaround. I was so impressed by Wes’s production and how he was able to keep the classic feel and vibe yet also incorporate modern elements to make it our own. I got into singing as a kid by listening and studying artists like Smokey Robinson, Patsy Cline, Diana Ross and Elvis so it was really great to pay homage to that era with this song.” 

The band’s sophomore release should be released later this year.