Neoma Shares New Single ”Say You Love Me”

The electro pop act Neoma – the artistic vehicle of Ecuadorian singer-songwriter-producer Carla Huiracocha – is thrilled to share “Say You Love Me”, a track that begins as an intimate piano ballad before a shuffling hip-hop beat enters the mix in the track’s second half giving it new life and energy. “Say You Love Me” is the second single from Neoma’s upcoming album HYPERREAL, which will be released April 29, 2022 via Soundbreaker Records.

Speaking about her inspiration behind this song, Neoma writes, “‘Say You Love Me’ to me is about getting constant reassurance from your partner while you’re in a relationship while acknowledging the fact that having this behavior is toxic. The song is about the fear of having a partner leave and the fear of attachment insecurity happening if your partner leaves. I need constant reassurance that my partner had to be there for me. But, it also explores the freedom of pursuing a non-monogamous arrangement and the fears around the idea of living in an arrangement that isn’t accepted by most societies.” These themes are encapsulated by the lyrics “hard to find somebody for this modern love”, inspired by David Bowie’s song Modern Love.  “I won’t tie up myself/but I won’t leave you alone” talks to Neoma’s fear of  being stuck in a long term monogamous relationship while not wanting to detach permanently from her main partner.

HYPERREAL is the follow-up (and sequel) to Neoma’s 2019 LP, Real. Now based in Denver, CO, Neoma,  originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, has perfected her blend of bilingual vocals, sharp pop songwriting, and more experimental electronic flourishes on this new album, which was influenced by the likes of Kate Bush, SOPHIE (Neoma uses her sample pack on HYPERREAL), ARCA, Donna Summer andSARAMALACARA. “Say You Love Me” follows lead single “Tears At Bae”, a shimmering disco-pop anthem that serves as a nice counterpoint to the moodiness of “Say You Love Me”. “Tears At Bae” was accompanied by a music video for the song, which takes the disco pop sound of the track to the appropriate setting of a roller rink as Neoma and her backup dancers let loose on the dance floor.

Speaking on the upcoming album, Huiracocha writes: HYPERREAL is the sequel to Real. It is more intense, very hyperpop influenced. The title is inspired by Lorde’s Buzzcut season hyperreal lyric: “Make-believe it’s hyperreal.” Virtual relationships feel very hyper realistic to me. Hyperreal is the dual digital-physical reality of maintaining relationships over the phone. Some things can be real, but not enough.”

Photo Courtesy: Juli Williams