Moglii & TONG Share Single “Space Birds”

Cologne-based “organic electronic” producer Moglii and german singer / songwriter / violinist TONG have released the exciting new track “Space Birds”, the newest entry in Kitsune Musique’s New Hot & Fresh single series. The track is a captivating fusion of electronic music and alternative RnB, with TONG’s vocals and violin loops woven into a beat that takes inspiration from afrobeat rhythms and incorporates real birdsong taken from field recordings. You can listen to the track below:

Frequent collaborators and friends Moglii and TONG discovered the inspiration for their new track by happenstance, as a regular walk while staying in a cabin out in the middle of nature to work on music lead them past a bush full of birds. With their recording equipment on them, they snagged some very close audio of the birds chirping that they quickly took back to their cabin to work on fleshing the sample out into a complete track. “We put our focus on a danceable flow,” says TONG, “using beatbox, birds and other nature sounds to create a clattering beat inspired by the sound of Fat Freddy’s Drop”. This collision of organic + synthetic sounds is one that should be familiar to fans of Moglii’s work, but the unique interplay between this bird chirp sample, the incredible beat, and TONG’s unique contributions help this song soar beyond just a chill dance tune. As Moglii describes it, the song “Thematically deals with freedom, love, and the feeling of floating above the world. I think we should all feel like space birds once in a while!”