Metric Shares New Track "Now or Never Now," Announces New Album

Metric has always done things its own way. One of Canada’s favorite sons and daughters, the band has relentlessly toured, released heavy pop albums, and continuously grow into the monstrous rock group they are today.  The group released its new track “Now Or Never Now,” off of the band’s seventh full-length album Art of Doubt (MMI/Crystal Math Music), out September 21.
“When you’re suddenly confronted with the fact that you’re rapidly running out of time to take action in your life, it isn’t always pretty,” Metric frontwoman Emily Haines explains about the new track. “You can no longer afford the luxury of words like ‘eventually’ or indulge in the usual superficial fixes. ‘Now or Never Now’ is the song for anyone who has stagnated, paralyzed by past failures, in a state of regret. It’s the song for that point when you realize there’s no escaping what you’re trapped in unless you’re willing to get hurt again. Everything sucks in an exhilarating way. There’s nothing left to do but start over.”


1. Dark Saturday
2. Love You Back
3. Die Happy
4. Now or Never Now
5. Art of Doubt
6. Underline the Black
7. Dressed to Suppress
8. Risk
9. Seven Rules
10. Holding Out
11. Anticipate
12. No Lights on the Horizon