Metric Share Single “Nothing Is Perfect”

Today, Metric released their new single, “Nothing Is Perfect” along with a music video directed by Justin Broadbent. The song is an acoustic outlier that puts lead-singer Emily Haines’ vocals and lyrics at the forefront.

Emily Haines on “Nothing Is Perfect”

“Nothing Is Perfect” stands out on Formentera II as the lone track that is carried by only acoustic guitar and vocals. We explored many renditions of this song during the recording process, but in the end found that everything we tried adding seemed to detract from the essence of it. Lyrically, “Nothing Is Perfect” takes the common expression away from its usual meaning, giving substance to “nothing” as a concrete thing that can be actively pursued and obtained: Nothing is perfect/ I’ve earned it/ All absence achieved/ No fences, no exits, no lies. For the official music video, we worked with Justin Broadbent to create an atmospheric and surreal visual accompaniment to enhance the otherworldly mood of the song, with stylistic nods to Terrence Malick and David Lynch. The song ends with a meditative and anthemic repetition of the word “nothing”, like I’m celebrating it and singing its praises. I love nothing!