Matt Urmy Shares “Raging Hearts”

Nashville singer/songwriter Matt Urmy unveils his new song “Raging Hearts” off his forthcoming album South of the Sky – out January 15, 2021. “Raging Hearts” explores the positive and redemptive side of political action in the face of social unrest with newfound immediacy. Propelled by an 80s-era synthesizer and steady rock ‘n’ roll drums, the song’s palpable energy is further enhanced by Nashville songwriter Jonnell Mosser’s soulful vocal addition.

In a recent interview, Urmy said, “‘Raging Hearts’ was initially inspired by what I saw happening to our culture around the time of the financial crisis of 2008, and was written purely as a spoken word piece, but it feels even more relevant today than it did then.” 

South of the Sky then explores the multitudes of human life and the enigma of time through the lense of 6 categories: ethereal/spiritual, metaphysical/physical, social/structural, societal/relational, relational/personal, and personal/introspective.