Matt Rosa Shares “Trust Issues”

Miami, Florida-based singer/songwriter Matt Rosa shares “Trust Issues,” a song that is at once a melodic pop song of the highest form, a captivating portrait of a quarter-life crisis, and a reminder/invitation for the listener to seize opportunities to commune with a better version of themselves.

Rather than becoming a statistic – the casualty of a generational curse – Matt Rosa turned to music for inspiration and an escape from a turbulent childhood. His artistry isn’t just mellifluous, it’s inspired, it’s passionate, it’s authentic, but most importantly, it’s brutally honest. “Trust Issues” is an uncut look at someone willing to both critically examine who they are, and to pledge accountability to becoming better. “Trust Issues” also possesses the ability to approach anxiety-inducing subjects with a promise of a better way, rather than threats of chaos and dread. Initially, offering clean lines of production that aren’t uncommon in modern pop music and hip-hop, the song pushes to higher, and higher platitudes with modern, guitar-driven pop-punk flair.