Kinlaw Announces New Album, Shares “Blindspot”

New York-based composer, choreographer and artist Kinlaw has announced her stunning debut album The Tipping Scale. Known for her solo works and multimedia productions with as many as two-hundred performers, with contributions from Devonte Hynes, Caroline Polacheck, SOPHIE, Dan Deacon and more, as well as renowned dancers and performance artists in the NYC scene, Kinlaw steps out on The Tipping Scale to showcase her work in a new light. A beautifully crafted record full of ornate flourishes, dancefloor ruminations, and airtight production that overlaps with a refined, artistic compositional sensibility, The Tipping Scale is a dark pop masterpiece to move your body to. The Tipping Scale is out January 22, 2021 via Bayonet Records. Pre-order HERE

To celebrate today’s album announcement, Kinlaw shares the first single off of The Tipping Scale. A dynamic and high energy dance track, “Blindspot” brims with pop synths that arpeggiate and swell in a minor key, theatrically punctuated by tense moments of silence, with only Kinlaw’s focused whispering to carry the beat. The track is accompanied by a cinematic visual that features Kinlaw’s choreography, and shows her reckon with accepting memories of her younger self.

Kinlaw on “Blindspot”:  Blindspot is an excavation of the psychological mind that analyzes the link between our relationships with the people around us and our acceptance of self. I started doing a really cool therapy called EMDR while in process of developing this video with director Kathleen Dycaico and was able to recognize that the refusal to accept time, mainly myself during some of those times, was reflected in the way I was speaking about relationships. Our child selves are so brilliant – they are resilient, tricky, explosive, expressive. I needed to start off this album by giving a nod to the dynamic ways we perceive not only the people around us, but our integrated self.