Haru Nemuri Shares New Single “Déconstruction”

Japanese singer, songwriter, rap-poet and professional screamer Haru Nemuri releases a new song entitled “Déconstruction.”

“Déconstruction” was written by Haru and co-produced with MyRiot, and the track sets the tone for her not-yet-announced forthcoming record. Haru Nemuri explains, “When I say, ‘Capitalism sucks,’ they say, ‘Are you a socialist?’ When I say, ‘I’m a feminist,’ they say, ‘You hate men?’ Whenever I hear that, I feel the defeat of my education. It’s hard to say exactly what is being defeated, but it can be roughly described as, for example, those who belong to the class that has gained wealth and power through the existing system. It’s a song for all souls to be so noble.When you fight for your soul, this song is for you.”

Haru Nemuri was named one of The New York Times’ Best Acts of SXSW 2021, and today she announces that she’ll finally get to perform her new material in the U.S. next year. At the upcoming shows, Haru is hopeful she can inspire her fans to (safely) “shout together, from their gut. I usually tell them to dance. If it can be a show like that, I’d be really happy to see it. I’d like to let all of that out on stage.”

Photo Courtesy: Satoshi Etoh