Gloomer Shares New Single “Drumjoy”

Gloomer is the new, warp-speed shoegaze project from Los Angeles-based producer/mastermind Elliott Kozel.  Mostly known for his production work for the likes of Jean Dawson, Corbin (FKA Spooky Black), Velvet Negroni (4AD), and the upcoming Yves Tumor album, Kozel is now stepping out on his own as a full-on lo-fi experimental rock artist. Now, he introduces Gloomer with the song “Drumjoy.” With furiously high BPMs, glitched-out, granular vocal samples, and gooey fuzz guitars, Gloomer lands somewhere between the sullen songwriting of Elliott Smith, 90s Drum and Bass, and wall-of-sound MBV guitars. His debut single is out now on Pop Can Records. Gloomer will be making their live debut on August 12 in Los Angeles at The Baader House. RSVP HERE

Speaking on the song and its accompanying video, Kozel reflects: “​​This song was originally 5 or 6 minutes long with way more different parts and sections, which I eventually edited down quite a bit.  It’s about boredom and jealousy in a long-term relationship.  The music video is a collaboration between myself and animator Joon Voigt whose drawings were recently featured in Everything Everywhere All at Once. We animated it by hand, making over 2000 drawings and collage pieces and photographing them one by one.  We took a lot of inspiration from early 90’s cartoons like the Brothers Grunt, Beavis and Butthead, and Ren and Stimpy. During the process of creating all the images we watched a lot of Pauly Shore movies.”

Photo Courtesy: Cassie Hunter