Friend Club Records to Release Limited-edition Reissue Cassettes at Furnace Fest 2021

Friend Club Records announced that it will be releasing 16 limited-edition reissue cassettes (125 copies of each) for sale at Furnace Fest 2021 in Birmingham, Alabama, September 24-26. More information about the festival is available here.

In conjunction with the Fest, Friend Club will be donating $0.50 per tape sold to Heart Support to support folks in need of mental health during this current crisis.

Varying from classic albums released years ago (FewLeftStanding, Narcissus) to current hits (Be Well, The Casket Lottery, Emery) the Friend Club Furnace Fest Collection is a chance to obtain amazing albums in a fresh format.

“When we first saw Furnace Fest bringing together all these classic bands, we wondered what we could do to support these bands,” says Rob Froese of Friend Club Records. “Firmly believing music should be something you can hold we set out to reinvent some titles of import to us on cassette. What started as a dream to do a few albums has turned into a 16 tape collection that we couldn’t be more proud of. Partnering with graphic artists Meatyard and Nicole Schoenholz we’ve been able to recreate these albums in a way that is true to the original and yet exciting.” 

The label will have 30 complete collections available at the fest or bands will have individual tapes available from them. The collection is as follows:

’68 “Two Parts Viper”
Be Well “Demos”
The Beautiful Mistake “You’re Not Broken. I Am.”
The Casket Lottery “Short Songs For End Times”
Emery “You Were Never Alone”
Emery “Eve”, Emery “I’m Only A Man (Studio Update)
Emery “White Line Fever”
Emery “the Weak’s End (Live)”
FewLeftStanding “Regeneration Of Self”
FewLeftStanding “Wormwood”
Luxury “Trophies”
Narcissus “And Forthwith Came Out Blood And Water”
Showbread “Cancer”
Showbread “Who Can Know It” 
Showbread “Showbread is Showdead”

“Furnace Fest is first and foremost, a community, a family even,” says Furnace Fest Founder Chad Johnson. “To have Rob and Friend Club reissuing some incredible albums on cassette – and then giving back to Heart Support in the process – is proof that we’re all in this together. We’re honored to play a small part in bringing everyone together.” 

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