Friend Club Records Brings Limited-Edition Cassettes, After-Party to Furnace Fest 2022

Friend Club Records announced that it will be releasing limited-edition cassettes for sale at Furnace Fest 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, September 23-25. More information about the festival is available here.

Varying from classic albums released years ago to current hits  the Friend Club Furnace Fest Collection is a chance to obtain amazing albums in a fresh format.

“One of the things that makes Furnace Fest so unique is the spirit of collaboration that exists on so many levels, including this partnership with Friend Club Records,” say Furnace Fest founder Chad Johnson. Where else can you go to experience bands you love, while also adding super-limited cassettes to your collection?”

The releases include the following:

’68, “Midnight” (playing this year)
Across Five Aprils, “A Tragedy In Progress (played FF03, FF21)
Burn It Down, ” Let The Dead Bury The Dead” (played FF00)
Celebrity, “Loveless” (played FF02, FF03)
The Darling Fire, “Distortions (playing this year)
Dead To Fall, “Demo” (playing this year)
Legends of Rodeo, “South Atlantic Hymns” (played FF00)
Love Is Red, “All That Is Ahead Points To Forever” (played FF02, FF03)
Saved By Grace, “For What You Have Done” (played FF03)
Watashi Wa, “What’s In The Way” (playing this year)

Additionally, Friend Club Records, in conjunction with Iodine Recordings and Tooth & Nail Records, will host a Furnace Fest Afterparty on September 23 at The Nick. The show features performances from Watashi WA, Hey Thanks!, Painted Light, Bad Lives, Riot For Romance, and Elowel. Tickets are available here.