Forgetmyname Shares New Single “High”

Forgetmyname, the synth pop project of singer / songwriter Nicole Morales, has released the perfectly bittersweet new single “High”. The track impressively builds upon the synth-pop style of Forgetmyname’s debut single “Complex”, blending that more retro-leaning sound with modern indie rock / dream pop elements, displaying her range as an artist while reaffirming her undeniable knack for synth pop with effortlessly catchy hooks.

The song has an undeniable summery vibe to it, but “High” contrasts the immediate satisfaction and uplift of this particular style of pop music with, as she puts it, “a longing for what used to be”.  

Lyrially, the song depicts a failing relationship, with two people struggling with their own insecurities, both using getting high as an escape from the true reality of the relationship that they are having a hard time just walking away from.

The release of “High” comes following the debut Forgetmyname single “Complex”, a heart-wrenching breakup ballad that was accompanied by a cinematic music video that dramatizes the song’s classic “Mr Brightside”-style love triangle narrative.

Photo Courtesy: Michee Zodulua