Foreign Air Shares New Single “Ultra Mega Love”

Bicoastal indie-rock duo Foreign Air have revealed “Ultra Mega Love,” the latest single from their forthcoming debut album Good Morning Stranger, out 10/16. “Ultra Mega Love” opens with a neo-Spaghetti Western snarl before diving into a propulsive melody and a sultry, expansive chorus. Foreign Air’s Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael were inspired by Ennio Morricone scores while writing Good Morning Stranger, and that influence is no clearer than on “Ultra Mega Love.” 

“We wrote ‘Ultra Mega Love’ in Nashville with tons of vintage gear,” says Foreign Air. “We like to work in a kind of manic way, in the sense that everything is always plugged in and ready to go so you can just make noise! Some of our favorite guitar tones and sounds on the album are on this song. It comes from a childlike nature of exploring ideas and letting the unexpected happen. Lyrically the song is about embracing the weirdness inside each of us – at the end of the day that is ultimately what brings us all together.”