Fashion Club Share Final Single Off Upcoming Album ”Phantom English”

Pascal Stevenson has shared the third & final single off her debut album as Fashion Club. “Phantom English” is another dose of experimental pop pleasure, balancing bright synths and a cavernous bass line. “This is a song about being surrounded by people but still feeling lonely”explains Stevenson, “It’s about how you can feel so isolated even amongst your closest friends if you’re not in the right place mentally. That feeling of isolation can affect your behavior and your attitude and can kind of create a cycle that’s hard to pull yourself out of. It’s something that’s easy to fall into when you’re touring a lot.”

“Phantom English” is preceded by singles “Feign For Love” & “Pantomime”, both excellent testaments to Fashion Club’s dreamlike art-rock. Pascal Stevenson’s debut album Scrutiny is out on June 17th via Felte Records.

The contours of what would eventually become Scrutiny were initially sketched while Stevenson’s other band Moaning toured Europe in support of their critically acclaimed debut album. After returning home and getting sober, Stevenson found herself in a period of deep self reflection, exploring questions of ethics, responsibility, self-deception and systems of power.

Photo Courtesy: Tonje Thilesen