Earthquake Lights Share New Single “Another Star”

Earthquake Lights are a five-piece rock outfit from Brooklyn. Blessing listeners with euphoric instrumentalization and echoing vocal energy, the band is heavily influenced by a realm of different genres, most specifically jazz, classical and alternative rock. Earthquake Lights have found a unique way to unite these worlds, adding their own fresh spin unlike anything you’ve heard before. The band recently dropped their lastest single “Another Star.”

Myles Rodenhouse said about the track: “We tracked this one at my studio Douglass Recording. The studio manager, Chris Gilroy, was our primary engineer on this one though we had help from Irving Gadoury and a few others that we often count on at Douglass. Mixing by my friend, Andrew Maury, and mastering by my friend, Ruairi O’Flaherty. Andrew has done work for a lot of incredible artists, mixing for Lizzo, Post Malone, Shawn Mendes to name a few. Ruairi is in L.A. and has done great mastering work for artists like Rufus Wainwright and a bunch of clients of mine at Douglass Recording, as well as most of the recent singles for EQL. Chris has engineered for a lot of amazing artists that we look up to like Christian McBride, and Irving has some platinum records for his work with Megan Thee Stallion. This was really a self-production, primarily guided by myself. And, of course, an incredibly important member of our team who really feels like a part of the band at this point is Mitchell McCarthy, our orchestrator. He was slammed with work for the American Pops Orchestra when we got to this but really he knocked out a great arrangement on this one in no time.

This song was inspired by the spacecraft Voyager – the concept of it being shot into space only to someday be forgotten. It’s something that was once so relevant but has become dated and now exists far removed from anything that truly cared about it. This tune was inspired by a lot of things, but I was really focused on the Quincy Jones productions for Michael Jackson. It doesn’t really sound much like that, but a lot of the choices we made were spiritually inspired by Thriller and Off the Wall.”

Combining lyrical bliss with improvised drum grooves, impressive piano progression and melodic rhythm, Earthquake Lights are well underway to release yet another spectacular alt rock tune.