Dida Pelled Shares Stunning New Single ”Sylvia (lost her sense of being a woman)”

Brooklyn-based artist Dida Pelled releases her new single “Sylvia (lost her sense of being a woman)”. Written by Pelled and her bandmate Yammi Wisler, the striking track is an ode to loss and freedom with an incredible story behind it.

Years ago while on tour, a raging storm turned what was meant to be a single night in a remote Swiss village into an entire snowbound week. Holed up in a small hotel, Pelled found inspiration in the stillness suddenly handed to her, a deep admiration brewing for the village and the people who inhabited it. None more so than for Sylvia, a sibylline woman on the upswing from a deep depression. She had been torn between grieving her fading youth and fertility and feeling empowered by the new identity she was growing into.

Pelled shares, “Our time together coincided with the moment she was truly breaking free, when she rose like a phoenix and transformed into a new and unfettered version of herself. I found myself moved, deeply connected to this idea of losing parts of ourselves as we age, divorcing old ideas of who we need to be, breaking free from the confines of society and finding peace. Sylvia (lost her sense of being a woman) is about what lies beyond age and expectation. This song is for her.”

Pelled is widely regarded as the greatest jazz guitarist this side of the Mississippi. As a child, she sequestered herself from the world and resolved to master guitar. She quickly made a name for herself in the New York jazz scene, recording with Jazz masters like Roy Hargrove and Gregory Hutchinson and touring the world. As her jazz star rose, She felt a pull toward classic American songwriting, shifting her direction and redefining her voice.

Photo Courtesy: Shervin Lainez