Cassidy King Drops “Wasted”

All great pop songs are written about love – either its loss or its beginning.  And after breaking onto the scene in 2019 with a handful of singles, Cassidy King has returned with a new pop gem, “Wasted,” of which she notes, “‘Wasted’ speaks on the difficulty of knowing when it’s safe to fall and being able to fully trust in that commitment when you can’t see what they see in you. I’m afraid to be vulnerable in relationships, especially when they’re good for me. I tend to chase relationships that aren’t healthy because being uncomfortable is something I’ve grown used to. I’m learning to accept someone unconditionally through the acceptance of myself. ‘Wasted’ is a reassurance that you’re worthy of good love and a reminder that it’s okay to fall, but only if they’re holding onto you tightly.”

Cassidy King spent the first half of 2020 in a complicated and emotional relationship.  And while heartbreak was the end result, instead of bottling up the pain she was able to channel those feelings into something positive in the studio.  Today’s single “Wasted”  –  produced by TyC at his house in Chardon, Ohio – is the first glimpse into this new output.  And while she has been compared to Jade Bird and girl in red, King’s own brand of indie-electro pop is one all her own.   

It was in her hometown of Chardon that Cassidy King discovered a lifelong passion for music, inspired by everyone from Fiona Apple, to Ani DiFranco, to Paramore.  Yet finding herself in a recording studio never seemed like a possibility until a friend tweeted a video of Cassidy singing in a dorm room stairwell. It went viral, and she seized opportunities to start recording. Launching personal Twitter and YouTube channels, she quietly attracted a following with a particularly powerful “10 Toes Challenge” video, which detailed the day her dad left.   Prior to tallying millions of streams and views online, the singer/songwriter discovered herself in the face of family turmoil, coming to terms with her sexuality as a queer woman, and identifying a genuine path as an artist.

Even as the music was gathering attention, Cassidy spent the majority of 2017 living out of her car.  “I lived out of my car for five months,” she explains. “I was completely isolated, but music and social media allowed me to see how many people out there deal with the same things.”

Despite her situation, Cassidy continued to build a devout audience and fashioned an emotionally charged sound steeped in alternative candor, R&B mystique, and indie spirit.  Surrounded by a new support system, she served up the poignant and powerful “Professional Smiler” in the fall of 2019 and the accompanying music video—co-directed by King – featured her alongside a same-sex love interest for the first time.  She followed that with the bittersweet “Polaroid” in the fall.  

Cassidy has said, “I don’t have a filter.  I’m spontaneous. I’m a goofball. I’m someone who’s always trying to be a better version of who she is. I’m just Cassidy King. What you see is what you get. I try to show listeners vulnerability. They’re not alone. What they’re feeling is valid. I hope my music can be a voice for people when they need it. I want to help.”