Blame My Youth Shares Latest Single “Dance With My Demons”

Sean Van Vleet – who records under the name Blame My Youth – reveals a new song, “Dance With My Demons,” his follow up to Blame My Youth’s debut single “Fantastic.” 

Teaming with Billboard’s #1 producer Joey Moi and co-writer Greg Holden (who co-wrote the song) “Dance With My Demons” once again highlights Van Vleet’s prowess for crafting endlessly catchy, hook-filled songs. He shares, “‘Dance With My Demons’ is a pub/barn burner for the pint raisers who choose to cheers their vices and reckless behaviors for a night, and shove their shames off into the future. This song celebrates a mindset where the bright side and dark side meet, and the party starts.  The day I met my now extremely good friend and frequent collaborator Greg Holden, we were equally crashed out at the bottom of recent life highs. He had some heavy personal struggles as did I. We shared a guilty conscience we had about giving into vices and letting bad habits and thoughts get the best of us. Both of us grapple with loving and hating our demons. So we wrote this song where we allowed ourselves to be good with them for little while, accept them, maybe even warmly embrace them.”