Austin’s Mugger (ex-Creepoid) Shares Video, Tours

Austin hardcore band Mugger released their video “Not the One.” The band have also announced several Western U.S. tour dates in February (below).

Mugger is a hardcore band formed in 2022 in Texas that features members of Creepoid, Lovelorn, The Well, and Radioactivity. Their self-released demo cassette Demo sold out immediately upon release, and was described by New Noise Magazine as “eight hypnotic tracks which explode into a furious melody…meshing their world of punk and hardcore music, turning listeners into fans, and leaving their new following wanting more.”
“‘Not the One’ is about the very common experience of having others assume you know little to nothing about a subject you’re actually quite informed on, and having no tolerance for it,” says Anna Troxell, Mugger’s vocalist.
Mugger leaves for their first foray on the West Coast in February, returning to Austin in time for SXSW 2023. 

Their upcoming tour dates:

2.5.23 – Los Angeles CA 
at 1st ST Billiards 

2.6.23 – Long Beach CA 
at Supply & Demand

2.7.23 – Simi Valley CA 
at Rapid City Skate Shop

2.8.23 – San Jose CA 
at Play Back Studio

2.9.23 – Oakland CA 
at The Golden Bull

2.10.23 – Sacramento CA 
at TBA

2.11.23 – Reno NV 
at TBA

2.12.23 – Salt Lake City NV 
at Bee Hive

2.13.23 – Denver CO 
at D3 Arts

2.14.23 – Kansas City MI 
at Farewell Café 

2.15.23 – Oklahoma City OK 
at Sanctuary 

2.16.23 – Austin TX 
at The Ballroom

Photo by Daniel Fried