Anthony Anzaldo (Ceremony) shares "We All Die Alone"

Anthony’s mixture of guitar heavy art-rock, post-punk and glam is the creation of Anthony Anzaldo, co-founder and guitarist for California punk band Ceremony.  Anthony began as an attempt for Anzaldo to create music entirely on his own while the members of Ceremony began to spread across the U.S.  Although “solo projects” aren’t entirely common coming out of the hardcore scene, Anthony was the natural next step for Anzaldo, being the self-proclaimed biggest Prince fan and all. 

Today he releases his first single, “We All Die Alone,” via his own label/publication First Letter Press both digitally (Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes) and as a limited edition 12-inch.
“‘We All Die Alone’ may seem like a cynical reflection on life or love,” Anzaldo explains, “but most everything that is inevitable is not pleasant.  Recognizing that makes it easier for me to love myself and those around me.” 
Anthony and First Letter Press will be releasing two more digital and 12” singles, “Get Over U” and “6AM In London” by the end of 2017, all of which were written, produced, and performed by Anzaldo and Recorded by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Hard Girls) at The Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, California. 
300 copies of the limited edition 12-inch are now available at