Album Stream: Tele Novella ‘Merlynn Belle’

Today, Tele Novella released their sophomore album Merlynn Belle, their first with Kill Rock Stars. The record and accompanying singles, “Technicolor Town” “Words That Stay”, “Never,” and “Paper Crown.” It can be easy to lose sight of real people, whether out on an endless highway, or confronted with the endless possibilities of making music today. Tele Novella came together when Natalie Ribbons, who owns a vintage shop, and Jason Chronis, who collects rare records, were each making music in separate projects at the time (Agent Ribbons, Voxtrot, Belaire). Painstakingly assembled using a blend of hi-fi recording gear and technique straight onto an 8-track cassette recorder, Tele Novella have crafted a cohesive pop record that feels equal parts mysterious, evocative, heartfelt, and sincere.