Bitch Shares Video For Latest Single “Easy Target”

Legendary queer music icon Bitch will release her brand new full length album Bitchcraft, February 4, 2022 on Kill Rock Stars. Armed with her arsenal of violins, synthesizers, pulsing percussion, and witty lyricism, the new collection takes her sound in a new direction with spectral, heartbreaking, political, and beautiful witchy poet pop tracks. Bitch has been enthralling fans with her singular brand of performance throughout her career and the new collection takes her to new heights and makes you think about the state of the world, about evil politicians, about what it means to exist as a woman, and how to find joy along the way.
With the release of new single “Easy Target”, released today alongside a Joey Soloway-directed (creator of Transparent & I Love Dick) video, she tackles the difficulty of finding your sense of self-worth when people try to bring you down. Written during the Brett Kavanaugh trials, this song speaks truth to power about women and gender-nonconforming population being confronted with much more public scrutiny than cisgender men.

Bitch shares, “It’s about how we have to ‘take it like a man’ and figure out how to be proud anyway. Watching women tell their truth and still ‘the man always gets his way’. Watching Bill Cosby go free. Tarana Burke and the scrutiny she faced. Anita Hill. The hundreds of women athletes were abused by Larry Nassar. How our society barely trusts women. Britney Spears. Now Texas.”

Bitch achieved early notoriety as one half of the queer folk duo Bitch and Animal who went on to tour with Ani DiFranco, whom they caught the ears of while playing a gig at a pizza shop in Provincetown on Cape Cod. In the mid 2000s, Bitch went solo, and shared stages with the Indigo Girls, acted in the film Shortbus, co-wrote a song with Margaret Cho, produced two albums of her elder folk hero Ferron, and licensed her music to The L Word. 
Bitch started writing Bitchcraft 8 years ago over the course of several moves and political movements. Eventually landing in LA, she assembled a creative coven to complete the project including Anne Preven (Beyonce, Madonna, Demi Lovato), God-des, and Roma Baran (Laurie Anderson) who all advised her on the production and arrangements. She also co-wrote several songs with Melissa York (Team Dresch, The Butchies) and Faith Soloway (Transparent).

Photo Courtesy: Dana Lynn Pleasant