Album Stream: Silent tongues/Eugenius, Creature of Habit, habits of creatures

Today, November 11, 2016, Cincinnati indie rock/soul project Silent tongues, and its frontman Phillip Smith’s hip hop alter-ego Eugenius, will release the split album creature of habit, habits of creatures. The 17-track album alternates between Eugenius and Silent tongues, and will be released in digital format only via both Silent tongues’ and Eugenius’ Bandcamp pages, and will be available through streaming services Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and Apple Music.
Also included with the release, and available only at shows, will be a photo zine containing an image related to each song, as well as song lyrics.
Started as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist/producer/vocalist and punk band veteran Phillip Smith in 2007, Silent tongues has been since been releasing DIY albums combining elements of rock, soul , prog and pop, and, in October 2016, introduced a full-band version for performances. In 2012, Phillip Smith, who functions as Silent tongues’ guitarist and singer in live performances, turned his attention to his longtime love of hip hop and created the alter-ego  Eugenius, combining forward-thinking, aggressive but accessible  rhymes and melody with a modern punk aesthetic. As Eugenius, he is sometimes compared to Childish Gambino, Death Grips and Danny Brown. Creature of habit, habits of creatures is a 17-track merger of those two world that, up until now, have only shared the same brain space.
Eugenius was created, and birthed his first live hip hop performance in June of 2013. He combined everything he loved about rap music with the experience acquired from years of underground music and growing up black in the suburbs. He also plays guitar in hardcore band Husk & Skull, and has several full-length and EP releases under his belt, including the collaborative album/mixtape Eugenius & Friends Presents Bars Against Humanity (Feb 2016). Eugenius has shared the stage with Clipping., Busdriver and Milo, and, most recently, Sage Francis, and obtained his first nomination in the hip hop category of Cincinnati alt-weekly CityBeat’s Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (CEAs) in January 2015. A darkly self-introspective and outside world-observant piece of work alternating between experimental, yet relatable, noise rap and melodic indie rock tinged with soul-baring, mesmerizing singing coupled with ostensibly-selected instrumentation, creature of habit, habits of creatures will leave the listener in a competition with himself/herself on whether Eugenius or Silent tongues wins the race.
Track Listing:
1.  Feral*
2.  The faintest light**
3.  Reanimate*
4.  Purgatory**
5.  Niche*
6.  Painted blood**
7.  Past lives*
8.  Lurker**
9.  Green mile*
10. Hold my breath**
11. Fake*
12. Prey**
13. It feeds at night*
14. Phantom skin**
15. Capable*
16. Nervous (creature of habit)**
17. The recidivist (habits of creatures)*
**Silent tongues
Today Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of streaming the split, which you can enjoy below:

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