Adrian Younge Presents Tweleve Reasons to Die Featuring Ghostface Killah live at the Gramercy Theater NYC 5/13/13

Venice Dawn took to the stage first and warmed up the crowd before the Ghostface Killah arrived. Adrian Younge and his band opened up easing the already anxious crowd with some of their signature soul-deep sounds.  They definitely won the crowd over and held down their appetite just long enough until Ghostface made his appearance.


Eventually the time came to unveil the story of the Ghostface Killah…


Twelve Reasons to Die tells the tale of Ghostface Killah who joins the DeLuca crime syndicate. Soon after joining he falls for a girl who sets him up, a set-up chick! Ghost hit the stage and represented for the hungry crowd. I have to say being to many Ghost shows in my life, there was this an energy in this one I never felt before. TRTD is an album that will be spoken about for a long time, a rebirth of Ghost!


“No matter how loud they get, though they growl and spit, clutch they fists, and throw up signs like a Crip and throw all types of fits I leave ’em split” – Killah Priest took to the stage with Ghost and dropped those gems we all love!!!


The Delucas would eventually catch up with Ghostface after his girl set him up – they would throw Ghost into a vat of vinyl and press twelve albums out of the vinyl. Little did they know that the Ghostface Killah would be reborn anytime they played those albums…this is his story, this is his revenge!!!


The show was an authentic Wu-Tang offering, with special appearances by Masta Killa, RZA, Sheek Louch and special guest appearance by William Hart of the legendary Delphonics. Be on the lookout for the next Ghetto Blaster Magazine featuring an exclusive feature on Adrian Younge. Twelve Reasons to Die is available now, look for it, but be careful of the Ghostface Killaaahhhhh…..

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