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The One Where Luke is a Nasty Woman

On this episode of Best Song Ever: the Dear LaBenne cousins kick things off with their first ever bonus track, DJ Khaled visits the Doom Tomb to give us a labelmate alert, Brian calls Luke a nasty woman several times, finally another episode of Thor Talk premiers with a special new surprise, and much much more!

Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever.  Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to the songs together.  Also, if you enjoy this episode, head to ITunes to subscribe and rate our podcast with the highest rating available to you.


Songs Played on The One Where Luke is a Nasty Woman

Animal Collective – Kinda Bonkers from Painters EP out this Friday February 17 on Domino

Delicate Steve – Cartoon Rock from This is Steve out now on Anti-

Los Angeles Police Department – Plane 2 from an upcoming album due later this year on Anti-

Fancey – Baby Sunshine from Love Mirage out now on fanceymusic.com

Paul White featuring Danny Brown from Accelerator EP out now on R&S

Temples – Strange or Be Forgotten from Volcano out March 3rd on Fat Possum Records

Middle Children – Fish from Earth Angel out March 3rd on Let’s Pretend

Happyness – Falling Down from Write It Out out April 14th on Moshi Moshi Records

Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now from Memories Are Now out now on Sub Pop Records

Every Monday (in this case Tuesday because of the holiday), Ghettoblaster is looking back to new albums released the previous week.  Below you’ll find several albums released on Friday July 1st that we believe are definitely worth a listen.

Maxwell – blackSUMMERS’night (Columbia)

blackSUMMERS’night, the first album from Maxwell in the past seven years, is an elegant and challenging soulful R&B album of epic proportions. Maxwell’s voice soars and croons, sometimes beautifully soft and sometimes grainy, building both comfort and conflict over the course of the album.  Musically, the album mirrors what Maxwell does with his voice.  Intricately placed puzzle pieces of sound are perfectly combined to create these moments of beauty and conflict.  Most songs find incredible live drums and bass settling into fantastic grooves, with different movements of horns or strings or guitar.  Some songs are hypnotic in their complexity, while some revel in simplicity.  It really is a very special album, which has been seven years in the making.  Obviously, it was time well spent for Maxwell and company.


Stephen Steinbrink – Anagrams (Melodic Records)

Anagrams is Stephen Steinbrink’s seventh full length album and it finds the songwriter producing some of the lushest songs of his career. Lyrically, the album is incredibly personal, focusing on struggles with addiction and mental illness.  Steinbrink says of working on this album “Lately writing songs almost makes me feel like I’m losing it, like I keep digging up and reburying the same old bone;” while this sounds like it could result in a depressing album the effect is actually the opposite.  These are wonderfully joyous songs, upbeat and poppy in the best possible way.  There are shades of Lindsey Buckingham in Steinbrink’s vocal delivery, which mixes with the music beautifully.  The songs kind of sound like Jon Brion producing a Real Estate album, which means these songs are beautiful and bright and jangle along.  Stephen Steinbrink has pushed through the maddening monotony to produce one of the most enjoyable albums of the year thus far.


Blood Orange – Freetown Sound (Domino)

Dev Hynes music as Blood Orange is, for better or worse, stuck in the 80s. Amongst all of the 80s nostalgia happening in music these days none of it sounds like it actually belongs in the 80s like Blood Orange does.  Again, this is for better or worse.  At times the music soars and is made modern by different vocal deliveries, while at other times it embraces the cheese maybe a little too heavy handedly.  This is all subjective, of course and really depends on the listeners sensibilities.  Objectively speaking, the music he puts together is expertly crafted.  Smooth synths and intricate beats mix with breathy vocals and take you back in time in a mesmerizing way.  Freetown Sound is the most ambitious album that Blood Orange has produced and really is impossible to ignore.


Martha – Blisters in the Pit of My Heart (Dirtnap Records)

Blisters in the Pit of My Heart is the sophomore album from English pop-punk quartet Martha and it finds them honing in on their sound, which results a more cohesive and even better album than their debut. The songs on Blisters in the Pit of My Heart are aggressive and punchy, with incredibly poppy, soaring choruses.  Martha has both male and female vocalists, which is a nice mix and keeps the album even more interesting throughout.  All of these elements work wonderfully together and are anchored by Martha’s best weapon: the guitar riffs.  Blisters in the Pit of My Heart is chock full of powerful and just awesome guitar riffs, making this a true joy for fans of ‘guitar albums.’  Overall, if you’re in the mood for some real solid pop-punk with riffs galore, Martha has the album for you.

Other Notable Releases:

Terry – Terry HQ (Upset the Rhythm)


Broken Beak – Some Nerve (Near Mint Records)

Every Monday, Ghettoblaster is looking back to new albums released the previous week.  Below you’ll find several albums released on Friday March 25th that we believe are definitely worth a listen.

Littler – Of Wandering (Birdtapes)

Of Wandering, the debut album from Philadelphia band Littler, is one of the year’s most enjoyable albums to listen to.  Littler has a nice dynamic of girl/guy singing over rough power pop music, with definite similarities to The Breeders.  These are tough rocking songs with fantastically catchy choruses.  The album chugs along at a wonderful pace and all of a sudden is finished, leaving you the desire to start it from the beginning once again.  Of Wandering takes you back to your mid-twenties when you wrestled with the desire to finally grow up and get things figured out, yet still wanted to have fun.

Eric Bachmann – Eric Bachmann (Merge Records)

After years creating music as the front man of indie rock legends Archers of Loaf and then Crooked Fingers, Eric Bachmann is back with an absolutely stunning self-titled album.  Eric Bachmann is filled with nine songs centered around impeccable lyricism, bright piano and dazzling harmonies, making for a truly beautiful album.  There are several stylistic ventures along the way, including country, doo-wop and alternative rock, but the songs are perfectly paced throughout the album so they never seem out of place.  If you’re a fan of great lyrics sung in intricate melodies, you should definitely check out this album.

Domo Genesis – Genesis (Odd Future Records)

There is nothing in music quite like a great hip-hop debut album and Genesis from Domo Genesis is just that.  This is a very personal album and includes bits of storytelling, which illuminate pieces of his life: a message from his mother at one point and a phone call from a friend in prison where Domo tells him that he just finished the album.  These points of departure from music let us know that this album is a living organism to Domo Genesis, one that has been long in the making.  Genesis is also a really solid hip-hop album in its own right.  The songs are well produced and interesting musically, presenting a quasi-jazz feel that is accessible and challenging at the same time.  Overall, this is a special debut from a promising rapper with great beats and just the right amount of storytelling.

Bob Mould – Patch the Sky (Merge Records)

Wait a minute.  The former front man of Archers of Loaf and the former front man of Husker Du released albums on the same day from the same record label? Nice work Merge, you know how to make this demographic very happy!  Whereas the former former front man has largely traded in guitar riffs for piano riffs, Bob Mould has returned with a riff-tastic new album about grief and loss.  Mould has experienced the loss of both his parents in a relatively short amount of time, and the lyrics of these songs search for guidance, strength and understanding in the darkness.  Although the subject matter is dour, the music is catchy and easy to absorb, making for a triumphant feeling overall.  Again, this album has guitar riffs right, left and center all throughout and they are fantastic sounding guitars at that.  Any fan of Bob Mould will love this album and anyone who is unfamiliar with Bob Mould but enjoys catchy rock songs with great riffs will find something new to celebrate.

Other Noteworthy Albums

This week was so full of great albums we couldn’t cover them all!  Below you’ll find other noteworthy albums to check out.

The Thermals – We Disappear (Saddle Creek Records)

Night Moves – Pennied Days (Domino)

The Sun Days – Album (Run for Cover Records)

exmagician – Scan the Blue (Bella Union)


Welcome to Future Sounds vol. 2

Every other week, Ghettoblaster brings you a playlist of singles from upcoming albums to excite and entice your ears.  Below you’ll find the entire playlist via Spotify, as well as Playlist Highlights, which are songs that really stand out as essential listening.  So please, sit back, relax and treat yourself to some seriously great music.

Playlist Highlights

Greys – “No Star”
The song “No Star” from Greys’ upcoming album, Outer Heaven, is a raucous and paranoid journey inspired by the recent attack in Paris.  It opens with the distressed lyrics: “Don’t shoot I’m not the enemy / They want you to be scared of me” and as the song goes on it continues to stir this foreboding atmosphere.  This is for fans who like their punk music harsh, heavy and furious.  Outer Heaven is out 4/22 on Carpark Records.

Night Moves – “Carl Sagan”
Minneapolis duo Night Moves make dreamy, 70’s inspired indie rock with electronic flourishes.  “Carl Sagan” is the first single from their sophomore album, Pennied Days, which is out 3/25 on Domino.  This is a song that draws you in with warm textures, only to swallow you whole in its immense sound … and then that falsetto hits!

Nothing – “Vertigo Flowers”
Philadelphia group Nothing are prepping their long awaiting album, Tired of Nothing, which is out 5/13 on Relapse Records.   In their new song, “Vertigo Flowers”, Nothing brings up some very beautiful, really loud shoegaze with great vocal melodies.  This is a song that deserves to be played as loud as possible, as often as possible.

Bibio – “Town and Country”
Bibio is an English producer and songwriter who mixes electronic and organic textures expertly alongside solid songwriting.  His new album, A Mineral Love, comes out 4/1 on Warp.  “Town and Country” is the third single from the upcoming album (see also:  “Feeling”) and finds Bibio in his catchiest, most accessible form.

Pity Sex – “Burden You”
Lush, heavy electric guitars combine with lackadaisical and despondent vocals in “Burden You,” the new single from Ann Arbor Michigan’s Pity Sex.  This song is lulling and energizing, delicate and harsh, and is really just a joy to listen to.  The sophomore album from Pity Sex is titled White Hot Moon and is out 4/29 on Run for Cover Records.

Mutual Benefit – “Not for Nothing”
Mutual Benefit thrives on strange melody sung by a distinct voice over absolutely beautiful music; all of which is put perfectly on display in “Not for Nothing.”  Simply played acoustic guitar is met by pleasant piano and some stunning strings to combine into a truly mesmerizing piece of folk music.  “Not for Nothing” is at once common AND extraordinary, which is something that is sure to be abundantly found on the new album, Skip a Sinking Stone, which is out 5/20 on Mom + Pop Records.

Full Playlist

Animal Collective has premiered the video for new single ‘FloriDada’, off the forthcoming album Painting With, out February 19 on Domino.

The video — an alien love story touchingly human and awash in Technicolor — was produced and directed buy PFFR (Adult Swim; Delocated; The Heart, She Holler), and can now be viewed HERE. The video will have its television premiere tomorrow night, Saturday Jan 9, on Adult Swim during the Toonami block of programming (midnight to 6am Sun EST)

A worldwide 2016 Animal Collective tour went on sale last month, with many shows selling out quickly, including two shows in both LA and NYC. Due to overwhelming demand, the band is announcing a second show in London at Shepherds Bush Empire as well moving their Manchester show to O2 Ritz. All shows listed below.

Fri Feb 19 || Philadelphia, PA || Union Transfer || SOLD OUT *
Sat Feb 20 || Portsmouth, NH || 3S Artspace || SOLD OUT *
Mon Feb 22 || Boston, MA || Royale Boston || SOLD OUT *
Tues Feb 23 || New York, NY || Irving Plaza || SOLD OUT *
Wed Feb 24 || New York, NY || Irving Plaza || SOLD OUT *
Fri Feb 26 || Columbus, OH || Newport Music Hall || SOLD OUT *
Sat Feb 27 || Chicago, IL || Concord Music Hall || SOLD OUT *
Sun Feb 28 || Minneapolis, MN || First Avenue || TIX *
Tues Mar 1 || Denver, CO || Ogden Theatre || TIX *
Wed Mar 2 || Salt Lake City, UT || The Depot || TIX *
Fri Mar 4 || Seattle, WA || Neptune || SOLD OUT *
Sat Mar 5 || Portland, OR || Roseland Theater || TIX *
Mon Mar 7 || Oakland, CA || Fox Theater || TIX *
Tues Mar 8 || Los Angeles, CA || The Fonda Theatre || SOLD OUT *
Wed Mar 9 || Los Angeles, CA || The Fonda Theatre || SOLD OUT *
Fri Mar 11-Sun Mar 13 || Phoenix, AZ || McDowell Mountain Music Festival || TIX
Fri Apr 1 || Brussels, Belgium || Botanique – Orangerie || TIX ^
Sat Apr 2 || The Hague, Holland || Rewire Festival @ Paard van Troje || TIX
Mon Apr 4 || Hamburg, Germany || Uebel & Gefahrlich || TIX ^
Tues Apr 5 | Berlin, Germany || Postbahnhof || TIX ^
Thurs Apr 7 || Milan, Italy || C2C Festival @ Magazzini Generali || TIX ^
Fri Apr 8 || Stans, Switzerland || Stanser Musiktage Festival @ Kollegi || TIX
Sat Apr 9 || Paris, France || La Cigale || TIX ^
Mon Apr 11 || London, UK || 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire || SOLD OUT ^
Tues Apr 12 || London, UK || 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire TIX ^
Wed Apr 13 || Manchester, UK || 02 Ritz || TIX ^
Thurs Apr 28 || Fayetteville, AR || George’s Majestic Lounge || SOLD OUT +
Fri Apr 29-Sun May 1 || Austin, TX || Levitation || TIX
Sun May 1 || Tulsa, OK || Cains Ballroom || TIX +
Tues May 3 || St. Louis, MO || The Pageant || TIX +
Wed May 4 || Royal Oak, MI || Royal Oak Music Theatre || TIX +
Fri May 6 || Nashville, TN || Marathon Music Works || TIX +
Sat May 7 || Atlanta, GA || Buckhead Theatre || TIX +
Sun May 8 || Asheville, NC || Orange Peel || TIX +
Tues May 10 || Washington, DC || 9:30 Club || TIX +
Fri May 13 || Wilmington, DE || World Café Live at the Queen || TIX +
Sat May 14 || Sayreville, NJ || Starland Ballroom || TIX +

* with Ratking
^ with GFOTY
+ with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Painting With will be available in standard CD, LP, and a deluxe LP + 7-inch + zoetropic turntable slipmat formats. The album in CD and LP formats will be available in three different covers, featuring each Animal Collective member – Avey Tare, Geologist, and Panda Bear – as painted by Brian DeGraw. The deluxe LP + 7-inch+ turntable slipmat format exclusively available via the Animal Collective and Domino webstores includes a choice of one of the three covers, in addition to a limited edition 7-inch featuring two exclusive non-album tracks mailed at a later date, and a slipmat that animates when activated in part with a strobe light. All pre-orders come with an instant download of ‘FloriDada’.

Animal Collective have announced an extensive worldwide tour in 2016, in support of their recently announced new album, Painting With, out February 19 on Domino. Starting in Philadelphia on album release day, the dates across North America and Europe will be the first live Animal Collective shows since 2013.

Tickets to all shows go on sale this coming Friday, December 11. For a full list of dates, see below. Animal Collective has shared a Spotify playlist highlighting songs from their 15 year career. Listen to it HERE.

Animal Collective Tour Dates:

02-19 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer *
02-20 Portsmouth, NH – 3S Artspace *
02-22 Boston, MA – Royale Boston *
02-23 New York, NY – Irving Plaza *
02-26 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall *
02-27 Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall *
02-28 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue *
03-01 Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre *
03-02 Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot *
03-04 Seattle, WA – Neptune *
03-05 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater *
03-07 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater *
03-08 Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theatre *
03-11-13 Phoenix, AZ – McDowell Mountain Music Festival
04-01 Brussels, Belgium – Le Botanique Orangerie ^
04-02 The Hague, Netherlands – Rewire Festival
04-04 Hamburg, Germany – Uebel & Gefahrlich ^
04-05 Berlin, Germany – Postbahnhof ^
04-07 Milan, Italy – C2C Festival ^
04-08 Stans, Switzerland – Stanser Musiktage Festival
04-09 Paris, France – La Cigale ^
04-11 London, England – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire ^
04-13 Manchester, England – Manchester Academy ^
04-28 Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge +
04-29-05-01 Austin, TX – Levitation
05-01 Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom +
05-03 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant +
05-04 Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre +
05-06 Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works +
05-07 Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theatre +
05-08 Asheville, NC – Orange Peel +
05-10 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club +
05-13 Wilmington, DE – World Café Live at the Queen +
05-14 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom +

* with Ratking
^ with GFOTY
+ with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Animal Collective has announced the release of their eleventh full-length album, Painting With. The album will be out globally on February 19 via Domino. Today, the band share first single ‘FloriDada‘.

For fifteen years Animal Collective has been rewriting the musical map, their line-up and aesthetic shifting with each astonishing release as they continue their pursuit of a new psychedelia. Their wild path has taken them from cramped concrete basement shows and forest floor singalongs to immersive installations at the Guggenheim and performances to millions on national television. So where to from here?

Dizzyingly upbeat and gloriously realized, their new LP bounces and pops with an urgent, ecstatic energy, propelled by polyrhythmic beats and gurgling modular synth, with Noah Lennox and Dave Portner’s vocals gleefully falling in and out of syncopation and off-kilter harmony.

Working as a trio, Portner (Avey Tare), Lennox (Panda Bear) and Brian Weitz (Geologist) began trading demos in early 2015, pursuing a goal of what Portner calls “really short songs: no B.S, get in, get out material…” The three met up in Asheville during that Spring and began exploring the songs together. Recording took place in the legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood, home to sessions by The Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye. The album features contributions from John Cale and Colin Stetson, and was engineered by Sonny DiPerri.

The result: Painting With. Warm and personal, kaleidoscopic and high definition, concerned with art (Cubism, Dadaism, and the distorted way those artists viewed the world) and the human experience, and the meeting of both – creating something elemental, joyous, and unmistakably Animal Collective.

Painting With will be available in standard CD, LP, and a deluxe LP + 7-inch + zoetropic turntable slipmat formats. The album in CD and LP formats will be available in three different covers, featuring each Animal Collective member – Avey Tare, Geologist, and Panda Bear – as painted by Brian DeGraw. The deluxe LP + 7″ + turntable slipmat format exclusively available via the Animal Collective and Domino webstores includes a choice of one of the three covers, in addition to a limited edition 7-inch featuring two exclusive non-album tracks mailed at a later date, and a slipmat that animates when activated in part with a strobe light. All pre-orders come with an instant download of ‘FloriDada’. Pre-order Painting With:

Animal Collective Store / Dom Mart / iTunes

Porches, the recording project of New York-based Aaron Maine, today announces the new album, Pool, set for release on February 5, 2016, via Domino. Written and recorded in his Manhattan apartment, Pool is an elegantly drawn set of gorgeous, synth-driven pop songs, expanding on and re-articulating the melancholy we’ve come to know from previous single releases on Terrible (2014’s Prism), Birdtapes (2013’s Townie Blunt Guts) and Seagreen (2014’s Leather), and a full length on Exploding in Sound (2013’s Slow Dance In The Cosmos).

Additionally, Porches today shares a video for the current single “Hour”, which was released digitally on October 8. Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz (Blood Orange, Danny Brown, St. Vincent, Petite Noir), the video stars Maine and Kline as star-crossed lovers on a night excursion.

Porches will be taking off on an extensive 2016 North American tour, starting March 9 in Washington, DC. The tour is a co-headline with label-mate Alex G, and will feature Your Friend, another fellow Domino artist, on support for all dates. Tickets to all shows will be on sale tomorrow, Friday November 20.

Wed Mar 9 || Washington, DC || Rock & Roll Hotel

Thurs Mar 10 || Richmond, VA || Strange Matter

Fri Mar 11 || Chapel Hill, NC || Cat’s Cradle Backroom

Sat Mar 12 || Savannah, GA || Savannah Stopover Festival

Sun Mar 13 || Orlando, FL || Backbooth

Mon Mar 14 || Tallahassee, FL || Club Downunder

Wed Mar 16 || Houston, TX || Walters

Sat Mar 19 || Dallas, TX || Spillover Music Fest

Mon Mar 21 || Denver, CO || Lost Lake

Tues Mar 22 || Salt Lake City, UT || Kilby Court

Wed Mar 23 || Boise, ID || Treefort Music Fest

Thurs Mar 24 || Portland, OR || Analog Café

Fri Mar 25 || Seattle, WA || Vera Project

Sat Mar 26 || Vancouver, BC || The Cobalt

Mon Mar 28 || San Francisco, CA || Rickshaw Stop

Tues Mar 29 || Los Angeles, CA || The Echo

Thurs Mar 31 || Santa Ana, CA || The Observatory – Constellation Room

Fri Apr 1 || San Diego, CA || Che Café

Sat Apr 2 || Phoenix, AZ || Rebel Lounge

Sun Apr 3 || Albuquerque, NM || The Co-Op

Tues Apr 5 || Omaha, NE || Slowdown

Wed Apr 6 || Minneapolis, MN || 7th St Entry

Thurs Apr 7 || Madison, WI || UW Student Union

Fri Apr 8 || Grinnell, IA || Grinnell College – Gardner Lounge

Sat Apr 9 || Chicago, IL || Bottom Lounge

Sun Apr 10 || Detroit, MI || Majestic Café

Mon Apr 11 || Toronto, ON || Horseshoe Tavern

Tues Apr 12 || Boston, MA || Middle East Downstairs

Wed Apr 13 || Brooklyn, NY || Music Hall of Williamsburg

Thurs Apr 14 || Philadelphia, PA || Union Transfer

Fri Apr 15 || New York, NY || Bowery Ballroom

A week ahead of its release, Julia Holter’s new album Have You in My Wilderness is now streaming in full via NPR First Listen. Holter also today shares new album track “Betsy on the Roof,” listen here. Have You in My Wilderness is released next Friday, September 25 via Domino.

Stream Julia Holter’s Have You in My Wilderness via NPR First Listen

Hear new track “Betsy on the Roof”

Have You in My Wilderness was written from the heart – warm, dark and raw – and explores love, trust and power in human relationships. While love songs are familiar in pop music, Holter manages to stay fascinatingly oblique and enigmatic, with some of the most sublime and transcendent music she has ever written. Like Holter’s previous albums, Have You in My Wilderness is multi-layered and texturally rich, featuring an array of electronic and acoustic instruments played by an ensemble of gifted Los Angeles musicians.

Have You in My Wilderness is also Holter’s most sonically intimate album, with her vocals front and center in the mix, lifted out of the layers of smeared, hazy effects. The result is striking: Clear and vivid, but disarmingly personal.

Watch the video for “Sea Calls Me Home”

HereWatch the video for “Feel You” Here

Have You in My Wilderness will be available on CD, Digital and LP. For a very limited period the vinyl LP will come with a photographic print signed by the artist, via Dom Mart only. The album is available to pre-order with an instant grat of “Feel You.” Pre-order from Dom-Mart HERE and iTunes HERE and receive an instant grat of album tracks “Feel You,” “Sea Calls Me Home” & “Betsy on the Roof.”

Julia Holter will be touring the US, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia through the end of the year. Scheduled dates as follows:

Oct 06 San Diego, CA – Open Air Theater (w/ Beirut)

Oct 07 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Palladium (w/ Beirut)

Oct 08 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Palladium (w/ Beirut)

Oct 10 Berkeley, CA – Greek Berkeley (w/ Beirut)

Oct 12 Portland, OR – Bunk Bar

Oct 13 Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre (w/ Beirut)

Oct 24 New York, NY – Rough Trade

Oct 27 Zurich, CH – Ziegel Oh Lac

Oct 28 Munich, DE – Kammerspiele Theatre

Oct 29 Frankfurt, DE – Brotfabrik

Oct 30 Hamburg, DE – Uebel& Gefahrlich

Nov 01 Helsinki, FI – Tavastia

Nov 02 Stockholm, CH – Etablissemanget

Nov 03 Oslo, NO – Parktheatret

Nov 04 Copenhagen, DK – Vega

Nov 05 Berlin, DE – Berghain

Nov 07 Den Bosch, NL – November Music

Nov 09 Brighton, UK – Komedia

Nov 10 Bristol, UK – The Lantern @ Colston Hall

Nov 11 Birminhham, UK – Glee Club

Nov 12 London, UK – Islington Assembly Hall

Nov 13 Glasgow, UK – The Hug and Pint

Nov 14 Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club

Nov 16 Paris, FR – New Morning

Nov 17 Brussels, BE – AB Club

Nov 18 Brugge, BE – Biekorf

Nov 19 Utrecht, NL – Le Guess Who? Festival

Nov 24 Kyoto, Japan – Metro

Nov 25 Osaka, Japan – Conpass

Nov 26 Tokyo, Japan – WWW

Dec 09 Sydney, AU – Newtown Social Club

Dec 10 Brisbane, AU – Black Bear Lodge

Dec 11 Melbourne, AU – Howler

Dec 12 Victoria, AU – Meredith Music Festival

Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox, of Animal Collective) will preview new material from his forthcoming solo album for Domino on a North American tour launching in May.  On this tour he’ll be making stops at Austin Psych Fest, Sasquatch, and will play a special NYC show as part of the Red Bull Music Academy & Wordless Music Series at Warsaw. Lennox recently spoke with Under The Radar about the new record, read the full interview here.

05/02-05/04 Austin, TX Austin Psych Fest
05/16 Washington DC 9:30 Club #
05/17 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer #
05/18 Brooklyn, NY Warsaw *
05/20 Toronto, ON Opera House %
05/21 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall %
05/22 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore $
05/24 George, WA Sasquatch Festival
05/26 Pioneertown, CA Pappy and Harriet’s $
05/27 Los Angeles, CA El Rey $
05/31 Nagano, Japan Taico Club Festival

# = w/ Regal Degal
% = w/ DJ Dog Dick
$ = w/ Peaking Lights
* = w/ Dâm-Funk, Torn Hawk