SASAMI Shares Alternate Version Of ”Tried To Understand”

SASAMI shares an alternate version of Squeeze standout “Tried to Understand” featuring Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis. “’Tried to Understand’ was a song that took many forms before it became what you hear on my album, Squeeze,” says SASAMI. “This rawer cut with J. Mascis is kind of a peek into the different dimensions and moods one composition can inhabit. This version features Ty Segall on drums, me on bass and guitar and J. on the ripping leads and backing vocals. It’s the less cute version of what spinning out can sound like.”

Hot on the heels of a month-long European tour with Mitski, SASAMI is currently on tour with HAIM. Her feral and cathartic live show is not to be missed!

On Squeeze, SASAMI explores her wide spectrum of moods—from raging at systemic violence to wrestling for control in her personal relationships. Throughout, the singer-songwriter and producer surveys the raw aggression of nu-metal, tender plainspokenness of country-pop and folk rock, and dramatic romanticism of classical music. 

Squeeze hammers home a sentiment of “anti-toxic positivity” and showcases SASAMI’s vicious honesty and brutally uncompromising vision, partially inspired by the Japanese yōkai folk spirit called Nure-onna (translation: wet woman), a vampiric deity that has the head of a woman and the body of a snake.

SASAMI’s critically acclaimed sophomore album Squeeze is out now on Domino.

Photo Courtesy: Luisa Opalesky