Xenia Rubinos + Sounds of Saving – New Episode Of “Song That Found Me At The Right Time”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Drawing attention to the cause Sounds of Saving, in collaboration with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, has revealed a new installation of their “Song That Found Me At The Right Time” series. Today they share a discussion with Xenia Rubinos about Nai Palm’s (Hiatus Kaiyote) song “Homebody.”  

SoS say, “When Xenia Rubinos approached us about working together we couldn’t believe how fortunate we were. Her album Black Terry Cat was a favorite back in 2016 due to her soulfully punk vocals, her distinctive instrumentation, and creative delivery of incredibly important subjects like race, love, and grief. Her cover of Nai Palm’s powerful  ‘Homesic,’ sung a capella in a Prospect Park tunnel, a place she called a ‘sanctuary’ and ‘like a cocoon’ was a perfectly fitting addition for our ‘Song That Found Me At the Right Time’ series.”

Xenia Rubinos shares: “You don’t have to rush to talk about what you’re going through. You don’t have to have the words. You don’t have to know. You can take your time. Try to share or try to be around people. The more we can share, as we feel comfortable in our own time, the more we can help each other to know that, yo, ‘this is possible!. The sun can come out.’”