CHAI Shares Cover Of Mr. Big’s “To Be With You” In Partnership With Sounds of Saving And 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

In an effort to draw attention to “Suicide Prevention Month,” Sounds of Saving, in partnership with 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline have teamed with rising Japanese band Chai for a new installment of their “Song That Found Me At The Right Time” series. The initiative was created to promote honest, intimate conversations about mental health and inspire action for those in need of support. CHAI has identified Mr. Big’s 1991 glam metal ballad “To Be With You” as a track that held special meaning to them and discussed why in their interview with SoS.

Sounds of Saving say: “We were ecstatic to create this special piece with CHAI, a band whose sheer joy in all its creative forms will not be denied. But don’t let their irresistible fashion and confectionery ‘neo-kawaii’ sweetness fool you into thinking there is anything superficial about the CHAI ethos. Mana, Kana, Yuuki and Yuna exude great depth in their approach to music, lyrics, and visuals, much of which is based in their philosophy of rejecting the cultural pressures that restrict personal expression and collective self-love. We’ve been fans of the Japanese quartet since their early more overtly punk sounding EPs to the more recent WINK on Sub Pop that takes a more mellow and dance turn and includes songs about trying to sleep, protesting, and chocolate. It is a cliché to say a band is unique but there is truly no group like CHAI on earth. We were so appreciative that they were willing to share a song with us that was so special to all of them and that touches on their closeness that is at the core of their happiness as creators and friends. And even more so for their openness about their own mental health, what they do to keep it up even in hard times and how important they feel it is to talk about, especially as women in Japan. To get to know them on an unfathomably cold and snowy day in Chicago, where we only stayed warm through donuts, huddling, and propane, was a truly incredible experience.

CHAI note, “sharing a message of mental health support and suicide prevention is important to us because we feel that the ability ‘to live’ is a wonderful gift! Having been saved by music and supported by music, is what allows us to appreciate the beauty in living even more. We want those of you who may be distressed, and everyone in general, to give life another chance and remember that it is indeed wonderful. We will continue to remind you, through music!”

Based in New York City, Sounds of Saving recently launched the SoS Therapy Fund. Through the program, SoS will cover costs for fans of specific artists to see culturally competent mental health professionals across the country for up to 12 therapy sessions. It is designed for those who are interested in treatment and who may have encountered barriers to care. It is the realization of the Sounds of Saving mission of using the common love of music as a pathway to mental health conversation, resources, and treatment.