Video Premiere: The Small Calamities, "Justin Bieber" (Smash Mouth Cover)

The early days of Southern California trio The Small Calamities were spent putting the hard work and playing clubs/cafes around Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Honing in their sound of straight-to-the-heart pop hooks and immaculate production, vocalist/guitarist/producer Charlie Wolf, bassist Christian Kalafut, and drummer Hayden Parker are about to release their new LP designer heartache.  Today, The Small Calamities have dropped the video to their single “Justin Bieber (Smash Mouth Cover)”. 

Here’s what the band said about their spin on the single:

“In 2012, Smash Mouth released a song called ‘Justin Bieber’ and it was this really interesting look at the fleetingness of fame framed in the context of the question ‘Whatever happened to Justin Bieber?’, who was in kind of a career slump at the time pre-Despacito. We searched YouTube and Soundcloud and Spotify and as far as we can tell nobody has ever covered this. The original version, in our opinion, doesn’t quite nail the “sad-lyrics-to-upbeat-music” sound it was going for and so we rearranged it quite a bit to bring out the emotion of the lyrics and capture the career highs and lows of Smash Mouth. We made a video that pays tribute to the classic videos from ‘Fireflies’, ‘The District Sleeps Alone Tonight’, and ‘All-Star’.”