Video Premiere: Spoken Nerd “Good Barber”

We’re living in trying times. People are on edge, people are scared, people are angry. The tension is so thick, one can barely slice through it with a machete. But in the midst of it all is Nathan Conrad, affectionately known to the world as Spoken Nerd, that rapper/musician that hails from Nashville, TN.

2018 saw the release of I Need A Friend Like You (Fake Four, Inc.), an album filled with interesting compositions, direct lyricism, and catchy melodies that deserve constant rotation. Filled with sonically diverse horn play, beats, and guitar, Spoken Nerd shares the new video for “Good Barber.”

He offers up his take on the song and video:

‘Good Barber’ is a song about the craftsmanship and taking pride in the work that you do.  One of my favorite craftsmen is Ross Norton (AKA: kidDEAD).  Ross makes amazing music and can make a video from scratch that will leave you stunned, as seen in our video for ‘Good Barber.’  We shot this with our collaborator and favorite method actor Dale J. Gordon just a couple of days after Nashville was devastated by a tornado.  It was an incredibly eerie time as whispers of COVID-19 were just beginning to arise and life as we knew it was about to change.  The song is not only about craftsmanship but the loss thereof in corporate settings where profit is the only concern.  We hope you like this video and we hope your barbers are staying safe and healthy.

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