Video Premiere: Raygun Carver, “Jesus, He’s Right”

Raygun Carver is the music of Pacific NW artist Michael Soiseth. The name ‘Raygun Carver’ is a play on that of the late local author Raymond Carver, who is buried in Soiseth’s hometown of Port Angeles, WA. As Raygun Carver, his music has been aptly described as ‘Urban Americana Noir’ by Queen City Sounds and Art, incorporating elements of Americana, Brit Pop and Folk.  The upcoming release, Moon Fields Yawning, the music of which echoes strains of such diverse artists as Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Jeff Tweedy.

Today, Raygun Carver the video for his single “Jesus, He’s Right.”  Equipped with sound that fits perfectly on an Quentin Tarantino movie, Soiseth and company have created a single that’s bold and mesmerizing.

“The song is about losing yourself in a relationship-staying put despite feeling suffocated,” says Soiseth.  “Ziad Ahmed, the director, had his own unique take on what the  video should be. He responded more to the ‘feel’ of the song rather than filming a word for word visual interpretation.”