Video Premiere: Rafael Vigilantics “My Anchor”

Rafael Vigilantics’ story reads like a prelude to an unfinished film we’re all anticipating. At the age of 14 he left home and has lived a life on his own since. Bouncing around all over the country, the New Mexico born Vigilantics has settled back in his home state, settling down long enough to record his fourth album Blue River, Grey Sky, set to be released November 13, 2020.

The folk/punk sound he’s honed for over a decade, influenced throughout the years by both on tour with groups like Agnostic Front and Ministry, crossing borders participating in Mexican prizefights, as well as mingling with motorcycle gangs and scuffling with with the LAPD have all played a role in his growth. His ground-level roots is obvious in the way he delivers his music.

With the new album, Vigilantics wears his heart on his sleeve throughout, within the 15 tracks that he pours out all the angst within his soul. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here but we can say Rafael Vigilantics, while rooted in his folk/punk delivery, he has a willingness to adapt to his surroundings, blending in elements of Hip-Hop and indie-punk.

Rafael Vigilantics shares the first single from the album, entitled “My Anchor.” The driving punk enthusiasm throughout the song can’t be ignored. Of the track Rafael shares, “the song is about the disappointment of empty promises and how we must find our own meaning to the disasters we face in life.” 

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