Video Premiere: President of Pop, “Word Nerd”

President of Pop came to Earth in search of a dream he once had of the Most Perfect Song Ever. He feels sure that if he collaborates with the Earth’s finest musicians, dancers, film-makers, and artists, his dream will return in its original fiery glory. As he’s accustomed to the 17 & 1/2 minute days of Asteroid P-420, our Most Glorious President of Pop is never fully awake, by Earth standards. But in the dreamy space in which he lives, songs pop into His Excellency’s mind with the rapidity of firefly blinks on a hot summer’s night.

In all seriousness, President of Pop strongly believes in the belief that living more and spending less time on the internet is critical.  This means not allowing the algorithms of social media to dictate where imagination and inspiration can go.  Case in point with today’s release; The President of Pop has bestowed upon us his latest single “Word Nerd” along with an accompanying video.  Crafting an explosion of hyperactive synth pop, the video centers around a young female dancing throughout the interior of a closed library.