Video Premiere: MOMO, “Rosto Zen”

“Rosto Zen” is the second single from MOMO. since his transcendent full-length album, I Was Told to Be Quiet came out last Fall. The new track was originally composed for the album Voá (2017), but ended up on the cutting room floor. It resurfaced in the early recording sessions for I Was Told to Be Quiet, when MOMO. moved into the home of Los Angeles producer Tom Biller (Elliott Smith, Fiona Apple, Karen O) for a month to collaborate on the album. The two were in close quarters during that time, sharing meals, making countless pots of coffee, and simply living life together for a while. At the end of production, “Rosto Zen” missed the cut once again, but Biller decided to remix the track with his own signature arrangements of electronic samples and dreamy synthesizers. So now, MOMO.’s surrealist love story finally sees the light of day, 3 years in the making.

MOMO said regarding the single, “I originally wrote this song with my friend Thiago Camelo for the album Voá back in 2017. But it didn’t make the cut. So I brought it to Tom when we started working on I Was Told to Be Quiet, and in the end, it didn’t make it onto that record either. But there was still something special about it and I couldn’t let go of it. As it turns out, Tom couldn’t either because he decided to compose his own arrangement of it afterward, and now, with his touch, we’re finally putting it out into the world.”