Video Premiere: Miles Francis, “Popular”

Based out of NYC, Miles Francis has amassed an impressive resume over the years. To date they’ve collaborated with: Sharon Jones, Amber Mark, Angelique Kidjo, Allen Toussaint, and Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) just to name a few. Their infectious pop sensibilities have been attracting fans over the span of two EPs, 2018’s Swimmers and 2019’s Doves.

Today, Francis has shared their latest single titled “Popular” along with an accompanying video.  The song features Lizzie Loveless and Lou Tides (aka Lizzie and Teeny Lieberson, formerly of TEEN) on background vocals.  The video, directed by Charles Billot and makeup by Nina Carelli, is a continuation of Francis’ previous single “Service” which tackled the male need to take up space to power, from conversations to countries.

Here’s Francis on the single: “Popular” is a dive into one of the darkest recesses of the male mind and body – the need to take up space. The constant hunger for popularity is widespread across gender, of course, but men have a particular obsession that transcends Instagram – it’s about power. Whether over a country or a conversation, power is essential to the male ego. That ego is a house of cards, of course, threatened by even the slightest loss of control – and that precarity is illustrated in the song. The video picks up where “Service” left off, with the main character being dragged to a makeup chair for his punishment. He is initially tormented and clearly being forced to play along, as a silver hand transforms his makeup and outfit – but by the time he is thrown onstage, he eats it up, and embraces his newfound attention.”

Francis has announced POPULARALOOZA today during which they will be performing on a pickup truck around NYC. They will also be playing a show at Our Wicked Lady on Sep 15 here. For more info, click on their Instagram page here.